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Auditory Imagery - What is it and How to Evoke it?

When we hear the word imagery, we usually don't think about auditory imagery. Most of us think - pictures. Visual representations of some sorts. And that's certainly part of imagery - but only a part.

There are other types of imagery. Auditory imagery is one of the five types of imagery. Each of the five types of imagery corresponds to one of our five senses - visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory (smell), gustatory (taste).

On this page, we will explore imagery corresponding to our sense of hearing. What is it? How to evoke it and develop auditory skills?

Auditory imagery is a mental representation - imagery - using your auditory (hearing) sense. It is the power of your mind to create auditory "pictures". Essentially - it is hearing sounds in your mind.

When doing imagery or visualization, it is best to use as many senses as possible.

The following 7 questions will help you to evoke auditory imagery. Read them one by one and for each question, close your eyes and get as much detail as you can.

  • Remember the last time you were caught in the rain. What did it sound like?
  • How does your laugh sound?
  • How do you sound when you are angry?
  • Imagine different people calling your name.
  • Who's voice is the most pleasant?
  • Imagine a dog barking and a cat whining. What is the difference between these sounds?
  • Sing (silently in your mind) your name.

Practicing these exercises regularly will help to develop your ability to create imagery using your auditory sense. Listen for other sounds throughout your day. When you have time to relax, sit down, close your eyes and bring these sounds into your mind.

The more you practice, the easier it will get.

To learn more, continue reading here.

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