7 Main Benefits of Visualization

According to experts, benefits of visualization range from self development, relaxation, to healing, and pain management.

Many popular books talk about the power of mind and the power of visualization. We are beginning to understand that the mind is our greatest tool.

And of course, one way to harness the power of your mind is through visualization.

Visualization is powerful and extremely affordable. It is free and it is always available to you.

All you have to do is find a quiet spot, some uninterrupted time, close your eyes, and begin to visualize.

But I know that you know that. You are probably more curious to know what can visualization do for you. The following are 7 main benefits of visualization:

Self-development and Spiritual Growth

Visualization is a powerful self-development tool. When you create images on purpose to change yourself, you are engaging in a process called creative visualization. Creative visualization for self-develpment can be used to change behaviors, break bad habits, for emotional management, and self-esteem development.

You can also use creative visualization for spiritual growth. For example, you may visualize yourself being connected with the earth, growing roots from your feet down to the center of the earth. Or, you may meet your inner healer and guide in your visualization. The possibilities are many.


Visualization is considered to be one of many relaxation techniques. Pleasant visualizations deepens the feeling of relaxation.

Nature scenes are one of the best for relaxation. Visualizing yourself on a warm sandy beach, or in a meadow, or by a cool stream of water, may be just what you need to wind down after work. Combine autogenic relaxation with visualization for best effects.


Many health care professionals recommend using visualization as part of a healing process. Healing imagery is being used in autoimmune disorders and many cancer patients use imagery to aid their healing process.

Visualization is also useful for emotional healing. In particular, visualization is helpful for healing grief, the losses that we all have throughout our lives. People often experience a sense of relief, a newfound connection and wholeness, with the process of visualization.

Pain management

MInd visualization has been shown to be helpful for pain relief and pain management. The range of applications is broad, from chronic pain, migraine headaches, post-surgery pain, cancer pain, pain during dental procedures, and child birth.

Research shows that people using visualization for pain management need less pain killers and cope better with their pain. Even those who underwent a surgical procedure, needed less pain killing medication during their recovery process.


Traumatic events can be overwhelming. The emotional charge associated with the event may be too painful to process while fully reliving the event. These painful life experiences are easier to process when viewed from a distance.

How can you distance yourself from an event? Use visualization. You can imagine the event in your mind's eye: as clouds moving across the sky, big balloon rising up in the air, or a leaf floating down the river.

Visualization for success

Successful people often visualize themselves being successful. Athletes, speakers, business people, all use visualization for success.

What would you like to achieve? What are your goals? Close your eyes and imagine yourself attaining your goals. What do you feel like? What do you see? What do you hear? What do you taste, smell? Make a vivid picture of yourself reaching your goal.


One of the benefits of visualization is that you can use mind visualization to distract yourself from stressful thoughts. When you are worrying about something that you cannot change, you can use visualization to distract yourself and get some stress relief. Use pleasant imagery, something that feels peaceful and serene. Your body will appreciate the much needed break.

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Words of Wisdom

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