Biofeedback Migraine Relief Technique

Migraines? Biofeedback migraine relief technique might be the answer.

Living and coping with migraine headaches is stressful. You may feel that you tried everything and did not get relief.

You may be frustrated, tired, questioning whether there is something that might help. And yet, you keep searching for relief.

Here is some good news:

Biofeedback, a mind-body technique, has been found particularly useful for migraine relief.

How can biofeedback help? To understand how biofeedback might help, let's look at what are migraine headaches.

Migraine headaches are a combination of vasodilation (enlargement of blood vessels), subsequent release of pain causing chemicals, and an activation of the sympathetic nervous system.

This is a vicious circle, that keeps you in pain. You can learn to interrupt this circle with biofeedback.

Biofeedback migraine relief technique can teach you how to become aware of your internal body processes and how to gain control of your sympathetic nervous system and control of your migraine headaches.

Your body knows how to act, how to feel, and how to heal - if you listen to it.

Biofeedback teaches you how to listen and talk to your body.

There are a variety of biofeedback techniques. Biofeedback migraine relief technique is a temperature (or thermal) biofeedback technique. It works by teaching you how to control your body temperature. When you learn to control your body temperature, you essentially learn to control your sympathetic nervous system.

Biofeedback can be done with a qualified practitioner or at home with the use of a personal biofeedback device. There are numerous personal devices on the market, ranging from small pocket size devices to computer games with beautiful graphics, that will teach you to regulate your sympathetic nervous system.

The more you practice, the better you become at controlling and preventing your migraines.

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Other techniques that can be useful for migraine relief are:

Diaphragmatic Breathing
Progressive Relaxation
Visualization Techniques
Muscle Relaxation Technique


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