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Breathing Your Way to Health

Have you noticed where your breath is? How do you breathe? In your chest? Breathing your way to health is possible once you learn to pay attention to your breathing patterns. This can be done with conscious breathing.

Conscious breathing is a the most powerful stress relief tool there is. When you relieve your stress (no matter how small or big), your health improves. Your immune system functions better and your body is better equipped to deal with illness.

Most of us are not aware of the way we breathe. We are so rushed with our busy lives that we seldom pay attention to our breath.

So, what can we do? Here is a simple routine that you can begin to practice to get in touch with your breath and breathe consciously. Even if it is for a few minutes a day, you will reap benefits.

When you wake up in the morning, before you get up, take a few minutes to pay attention to your breath.

  1. Where is your breath? In your abdomen? In your chest?
  2. What quality is your breath? Fast, shallow, jerky, deep, smooth, slow?
  3. Just pay attention, do not try to change anything, just pay attention to the quality of your breath.
  4. When you think you are completely in touch with your breath, and it is shallow, jerky, and fast, then try to change the quality of it. Try to make it smooth, slow, and deep.
  5. How? By focusing on the quality and deliberately changing it. It may take a few times, but you will get it eventually.
  6. Continue breathing for a few moments.

Practice this throughout the day whenever you have time. Waiting in a line up, during your coffee break, when you come home from work, just before you go to sleep.

The more you practice tuning into your breath and listening to the qualities of your breath, the more you will be able to change them, to slow down, to deepen and to smoother out your breath.

And that's the basis of breathing your way to health. Because deep, slow breathing activates your relaxation response and your stress melts.


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