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Definition of Low Self Esteem

People often ask what is the definitions of low self esteem? How do I know what is low self esteem?

Ok, so let's start with a definition of self esteem.

What do we know about self esteem? Well, for one thing it is fluid. It means that it can change from day to day or from situation to situation.

Self esteem is affected by both social and internal sources. It is a process. The ground work for self concept and self esteem is laid in childhood, but your self esteem continues to change and evolve throughout your life.

Self esteem is then not a fixed stable concept. It is a fluid process that changes with internal and external influences.

What does it mean? That's good news actually. Because any definition of self esteem, must then indicate that even low self esteem is not a fixed state.

But let's get to the definition of low self-esteem.







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