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Free Breathing Exercises

Free your Breath, Free your Life

Learn how to reduce stress and improve your sense of well-being with these free breathing exercises.

When you learn to work with your breath, you can transform your life in very powerful ways.

Breathing exercises provide many benefits on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Breathing is the pillar of your wellness.

Since most of us are unaware of our breathing throughout the day, the very first step is becoming aware of how we breathe.

If you have any health concerns, please talk to your doctor or qualified health professional before you begin any breathing exercises.

Now, take a few minutes for yourself, close your eyes, and tune into your body.

Where is your breath?

In your chest? In your abdomen?

Is your breath smooth or jerky?

Is it fast or slow?

Is it deep or shallow?

Now you know how you breathe and the quality of your breath. By gaining awareness, you also gain choice to change the quality of your breath.

Explore the following free breathing exercises to learn more about various breathing techniques:

Diaphragmatic breathing - the most basic breathing technique and perhaps the most powerful. When we are children, this is how we breathe naturally. As we grow older, we become constricted from stress and various fears that we have and our breathing becomes shallow. Learn how to return to your natural breathing.

Breathing relaxation exercises - three powerful free breathing exercises - the complete breath, alternate nostril breathing, and abdominal breathing exercises. Explore these techniques.

Breathing meditation technique - learn how to quiet your mind and how to be present in the moment with mindful breathing. Meditation is becoming more and more popular in today's stress filled world. With this technique, you learn a simple meditation technique that utilizes the power of your breath to achieve all the benefits of meditation and breathing.

Breathing techniques for anxiety - here you will find three more special breathing techniques - breathing with sound, the walking breath, and the three part breath.


Where to go from here? Learn about the benefits of breathing exercises.

Breathing your way to health.

Diaphragmatic breathing exercises.



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