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My stress relief recommendations

by Sonia D.

There are many in my college, family that makes feel me very stressed. Whatever be the source of stress, I just think these following things.

1. I consider myself that I will be died in two or three minutes, then u can think of the things you need to enjoy or you failed to enjoy in this world.

2. Go to the terrace (if don't have a terrace in your house, just try a lonely place) with your ipod or mobile and dance hearing your favorite song as if you are singing it. Remember the volume of the song should be just as minimum you can hear.

3. Get your bicycle out of the dusty garage and go a long ride in it. The place you opt for is you shouldn't have gone to that place before. Feel the sweat; enjoy the place you are moving through. But make sure you remember the route to return or simply use the map in your mobile.

4. Don't keep telling everyone about you stressful works and about your life. It will only worsen your accent in the long run.

5. To keep things simple just receive things as they come. The simple mantra is "Accept the pain". Probably it will teach you more than you learnt in your life.

6. Call your High school friends and have a small reunion (Call only those people who are close to you). Refresh your memories during school days and have a hearty laugh of situations, your friends or you may been in. I tried this many more times, each time it feels new to you.

7. If you are interested in science, just take up a old machine (anything from new to old) open it and guess how it worked. Who knows, you may end up creating a new one or repairing it back to work.

8. Take a bath, a heartily bath. It'll do more good than you think.

9. Water those plants in your garden or ask for watering the plants with your neighbor in his/her garden.

10. Lastly be sure that you have faced many things in your life than this problem as this is just a tiny speak. Feel free to contact your counselor, if its more than what you think.

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