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Pain and Stress Reduction

Relieve Stress to Relieve Pain

Break the vicious cycle of pain causing stress and stress in turn causing more pain. Managing pain and stress reduction become vital in breaking this cycle.

If you are like most people, when you are stressed out, your pain levels rise. You know that. You feel it. There is an undeniable connection between pain and stress.

Not only that, having pain in itself creates more stress. You may be having trouble sleeping, exercising, and even getting a really good rest and a break from pain. It can be difficult for you to relax when you are feeling pain.

So, if stress and tension create more pain and pain creates more stress, then reduction of stress naturally becomes a tool for effective pain relief.

What can you do?

Stress reduction exercises, meditation, self hypnosis - all these choices can help you to relieve stress. Depending on the type of your pain, massage therapy, or a visit to a chiropractor may also be beneficial.


Self hypnosis and stress reduction

More and more people are turning to self hypnosis as an effective stress relief. Self hypnosis is a tool that can help your body quiet down and relax by tapping into your unconscious mind.

To begin, you can try this Instant Self Hypnosis recording, or you can do it on your own without any guidance.

If you choose to do it on your own, find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Prepare an affirmation that you would like to repeat to yourself (e.g. "my body is healthy and strong"). Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. Begin diaphragmatic breathing. When you feel that you are relaxed, begin to repeat your affirmation silently. Continue for as long as you feel comfortable.

Another great alternative for self hypnosis and stress reduction is the use of hypnosis recordings.

Hypnosis Downloads offers a variety of relaxation mp3's that you can instantly download and try their effectiveness. The following titles bring deep relaxation and stress relief:


Four Seasons - Escape into the Four Seasons deep relaxation hypnosis.

Body Scan Relaxation - Learn to relax anytime, anywhere with the body scan relaxation technique.

A Warm Place - Escape the place you are in and experience pure tranquility in a warm place.

Pain Relief - Learn hypnosis for pain relief.


Other pain and stress reduction tools are:

Autogenic Relaxation
Breathing Relaxation Techniques
10 Ways to Relieve Stress
Visualization Relaxation



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