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People who are inconsiderate of your time

by JC
(Ottawa, ON)

People who are inconsiderate of other people's time drive me crazy. This shows itself in many many many ways ! Like the person who makes an appointment and then fails to keep it. Even worse is when they fail to notify you about it. What makes them think that their time is any more valuable than mine?

Then there is the person who says they are going to call and you sit around waiting and waiting and they never call !!! Again what does this say about them and their opinion of me and my time.

And of course the classic person we are all friends with who say they will meet you somewhere and show up 30 minutes late ! Because you know I really don't have much else to do but stand around and wait !!

I just wish people would stop and think and be considerate of others. I am not saying I am never late - it happens. I know how important my time is to me I can only imagine theirs is as important to them. If I can't make an appointment I cancel it right away or if I am running late I'll give them a call to let them know. I wish everyone would do that.

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