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Reiki for Stress Relief

What is Reiki? How does Reiki work? How to use Reiki for stress relief? Where to find a Reiki practitioner?

Reiki is a safe, gentle, hands-on healing technique that utilizes universal life-force energy - also known as Chi or Ki. In the West, Reiki is used as a complementary therapy to balance all aspects of a person.

Reiki is a holistic system and a healing tool, used to harmonize body, mind, emotions, and sprit. Reiki restores sense of well-being, promotes relaxation and stress relief. It is non-invasive and it is for you and everyone else who is interested in healing.

How does Reiki work?

Reiki works on a principle that life force energy flows through our bodies through seven energy centres called chakras.

Chakras respond to everything in our environment. They respond to our thoughts, feelings, self-talk, and all of the experiences that we encounter throughout the day. Negative experiences and our own negative thoughts can cause blockages in these energy centres.

Reiki works on balancing these energies, opening blockages, and helping the energy flow through the body more smoothly. When the energy in our bodies is flowing smoothly, we feel a sense of well-being in body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Thus, Reiki works on the whole body, affecting you on many levels of your being.

One of the ways to use Reiki for stress relief is to get healing from a Reiki practitioner. When you receive Reiki from a holistic practitioner, you will most likely feel warm, peaceful, and very relaxed. You might even fall asleep during your Reiki session. Most people feel a deep sense of well-beings, nurturing, and peace.

Where do you find a Reiki practitioner? If you are new to holistic healing and complementary therapies and do not know anyone in this field, look in your yellow pages under Health Information and Service. The words to look for are: healing or complementary therapies. You may also visit a Yoga centre in your community and ask for referrals or a natural health food store and ask them for a referral. Both should be good resources to get you started on finding a Reiki practitioner.

Another profound way to utilize the wisdom of Reiki for stress relief is to live by the Reiki principles. Reiki principles are a set of guidelines for living a peaceful and fulfilled life. They are simple, yet, when you integrate them into your life, you will find profound benefits.

5 Reiki principles for stress free living:

1. Just for today do not worry.

2. Just for today do not anger.

3. Earn your living honestly.

4. Honour your parents, teachers and elders.

5. Show gratitude to every living thing.

These are simple ways that you can integrate Reiki into your life. You can also take a course from a Reiki teacher and get initiated into Reiki. Once you do, you will be able to give Reiki to yourself and your family members.


Reiki is one of many tools to help you reduce anxiety, achieve deep relaxation, and relieve stress. Other great relaxation techniques are:

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