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Video games for stress relief

When I am really stressed if it is stress at work I used to take some time off and play games like sudoku on my mobile, or other games which take whole of my attention.

When the game is completed the stress in my mind usually goes away. Other way of my stress relief is to talk with my friends and I make sure that what is the reason behind the stress have no entry into the conversation.

I have a very good circle of friends if it is stress from home I call my colleagues who have no idea of the stress at home and we talk of other things and after a small talk which contains many things to laugh my stress will go away. if it is stress at work a call to my close relatives or my friends other than those at work. like vice i relieve my stress, by talking and laughing.

Another best way of stress relief if I am at home is to play with my kids aged five and two. I usually play games with them which take the whole of my attention. I used to play games with building bricks or some outdoor games like hide and seek, after some time of playing the whole stress will be relieved.

Otherwise a nice short walk in the country side listening to some nice music is also a good stress relief method. In short the best method of stress relief for me is to involve in something which take the whole of my attention.

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