Glossary of Yogic Terms

  • Asana - a posture; a Yoga exercise

  • Ashram - Yoga retreat

  • Bandha - a mystic breathing exercise

  • Chakra - a nerve center

  • Guru - Yoga teacher or leader

  • Hatha Yoga - system of Yoga for care of the body; physical Yoga

  • Kanda - point below the navel from which 72,000 nadis issue

  • Karma - cosmic operation of a form of retributive justice, under which a person's status in life is determined by his owns deeds in a previous incarnation

  • Karma-nadi - a nerve in which the vital air is supposed to reside

  • Kundalini - sleeping goddess within the internal organs

  • Moksha - state of bliss

  • Mrnalakomalavapu - slimness of a lotus stalk; one of the goals of Hatha Yoga

  • Mudra - one of the higher practices of Yoga; a psycho-physiological practice or exercise

  • Muladhara - navel

  • Mukti - salvation; deliverance; emancipation from rebirth

  • Nadi - a nerve

  • Prana - life; vitality; breath; infinite, omnipresent power of the universe

  • Pranayama - regulation of the respiratory movements as a means of control of the vital forces

  • Pratibha - intuition

  • Pratyahara - restraining or withholding the senses; introspection

  • Puraka - inhalation

  • Purusa - soul

  • Raja Yoga - system of Yoga which leads to spiritual growth; mental Yoga

  • Sahasradala - brain (literally, "the thousand-petaled lotus")

  • Samadhi - a trance; state of suspended sensation; super consciousness; perfect relaxation

  • Samatva - freedom from emotion

  • Sankya Yoga - Yoga of the mind

  • Siddha - a master of Yoga

  • Siddhi - one of several miraculous powers

  • Sutras - writings of a sage

  • Yogin - a male practitioner of Yoga

  • Yogini - a female practitioner of Yoga


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